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Skma Kazakhstan
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South Kazakhstan Medical Academy (SKMA Kazakhstan) was established in 1979. It is authorized and officially recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The university has a modern infrastructure for educational and scientific activities. It always looks like to develop a modern basis to strengthen the material and technical resources for scientific research laboratories.

SKMA is a brilliant medical school which is mci approved medical college in kazakhstan that strives for high-quality medical and pharmaceutical training students at all levels. Teachers always try to update and upgrade themselves to provide students with the best knowledge and skills; Clinical activities for teachers are also organized for this purpose. The university organizes educational programs for the students to offer them the environment for their professional growth and to offer them knowledge about modern market conditions.

Benefits of Studying at South Kazakhstan State Medical Academy

  1. Various youth policy measures and government initiative ensure continuous improvement and quality education for every student at the university.

2. General medicine, dentistry or pharmacy is preferred by international students as their study choice

3. The University of South Kazakhstan has the best and adequate academic infrastructure to ensure that students get the best practical and theoretical knowledge at the university.

4. There are tens of thousands of books in the university library on various topics, so this will help students during their medical education, the library is excellent

5. There are guest lectures and interactions arranged for the students by the university

Skma Kazakhstan

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South Kazakhstan State Medical University was created in 1979. ( Web: )

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