Defining Greatness: YOU Are the Thing

Thursday, 11/17/16 @ 4:00 PT & 7:00 ET

Our final discussion in our “Fall into Greatness” series brings us full circle to again defining greatness.

But rather than defining it as for an organization, we want to define it as for an organization’s individual members.

It is impossible the Skolny Organization to exist as a Radical Organization without comprising a community of radical individuals. Embracing our own GTIdeology means embracing that there can be no radical leadership, radical opportunity, radical diversity, radical equality, or radical capitalism — that there can be no Greatness through the Individual — without radical individuals determined to create it.

Our 7th Radical Idea, Radical Individuals

It follows that if Individuals are the thing, then YOU are the thing.

That is the root of our 7th Radical Idea: Where a single individual is thwarted, discouraged, or, much less, demeaned or exploited, a group or an organization cannot be considered great, regardless of what it has accomplished.

Radical Individuals are simply those who recognize that they are the thing and demand to be treated as such. Organizational development necessarily begins with, then depends on, and continues through those individuals.

#GTIdeology Happy Hour

We discussed this topic on November 17, 2016. Our cool video introduction and the discussion questions are below. You can read the full transcript here.

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Q1. In your opinion, how does an individual identify her or his own unique ‘greatness?’

Q2. Per our 7th Radical Idea, we believe that because individuals are the thing that YOU are the thing — in business, society, and your own life, YOU must take complete volitional charge of YOUR life and career. What do you think?

Q3. Agree or disagree: Greatness is only created through the Individual. Why?

Q4. Discuss how an individual can nurture, understand, and contribute her or his own greatness as member of a group or organization.

Q5. Have you ever worked in or with an organization that encouraged your own individual greatness? Would you want to? What sort of help or encouragement do you need? Tell us about it!

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