Developing Individual Potential & Disbursing Upward Flowing Profit

Thursday, 12/8/16 @ 4:00 PT & 7:00 ET

This week’s discussion follows up on our July 22 collaboration with our friend Nicole Booz, on the topic of potential and experience in a multi-generational organization. Pay differences among generations (in either direction) can be a bugaboo, particularly when pay does not reflect hierarchy and longevity of employment.

What does that mean for the organization rooted in opportunity and individual potential development (per our 3rd Radical Idea — Radical Opportunity: Potential is more valuable than experience — that framed the discussion Nicole collaborated with us), rather than typical organizational structures?

In that vein, we want to discuss our notion of “upward flowing profit” in light of individual potential with you.

Our 5th Radical Idea

Because profit belongs to the Individual who creates value (specifically the value which creates the profit), an organization is not the owner of profit to distribute down as it sees fit.

The organization is the conduit of profit which is due first to the individual who created it.

Specifically, we want to talk about if and how pay systems should reflect, remunerate, and incentivize developing individual potential. Our position is that it should, even must, for the organization to develop to its own potential.

That is the discussion we want to have with you this week.

#GTIdeology Happy Hour

We discussed this topic on December 8, 2016. Our cool video introduction and the discussion questions are below. You can read the full transcript here.

You’re invited to — and we hope that you will — join us at 4:00 PT & 7:00 ET every Thursday to unofficially kick off the weekend with us and the smart, fun, and friendly #GTIdeology Happy Hour crowd.

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Q1. In your opinion, is individual potential development something that can be incentivized?

Q2. Per our 5th Radical Idea, our position is that for an organization to reach its full potential, its pay structure should, even must, reflect, remunerate, and incentivize developing individual potential. What do you think?

Q3. Agree or disagree: Pay incentives only incentivize outcomes that already resonate with an individual? Why?

Q4. Discuss if and how organizational pay structures should reflect, remunerate, and incentivize individuals who actively develop their potentials.

Q5. Have you ever been remunerated or offered real incentives for developing your potential? What were the incentives? Or, if not, what incentives would you want? Tell us about it!

We hope to see you Thursday. If you want a reminder tweet, just let us know and we will be happy to tweet one @ you. Cheers!

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