Is Society the Poison Root of Org Comm Fruit?

Why Does Organizational Communication Fail?

This week’s happy hour discussion serves as a segue from discussing the nature of communication itself to a series of discussions focused on topics peculiar to organization communication.

To make that transition, we want to pose a question to you: Is society itself “the poison root” of organizational communication fruit?

Specifically, if an individual is enculturated to communicate manipulatively, even deceptively, to get her or his way, is there any reasonable expectation that same individual will not be a dysfunctional communicator in her or his organization?

Our position is that obviously there is not.

Our 1st Radical Idea

The essence of our 1st Radical Idea is that the organization must be rooted in something other than the mores and assumptions of society around it, lest it become another dysfunctional part of the society around it.

As a direct application of our 1st Radical Idea, we assert that organization communication fails chiefly because it mimics the style and adopts the assumptions about communication from society around it.

That means our communication must transcend the way society communicates around us.

The Skolny Organization’s radical taproot is the individual, as defined in the GTIdeology itself. Therefore, our organizational communication, as everything else we do, must be defined and constrained by the GTIdeology.

That is the discussion we want to have with you this week.

#GTIdeology Happy Hour

We discussed this topic on March 30, 2017. Our cool video introduction and the discussion questions are below. You can read the full discussion transcript here.

You’re invited to — and we hope that you will — join us at 4:00 PT & 7:00 ET every Thursday to unofficially kick off the weekend with us and the smart, fun, and friendly #GTIdeology Happy Hour crowd.

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Q1. In your opinion, can organizational communication be treated distinctly from social communication?

Q2. As a direct application of our 1st Radical Idea, we assert that organization communication fails chiefly because it mimics the manipulative style and adopts the duplicitous assumptions about communication from society around it. What do you think?

Q3. Agree or Disagree: Manipulative, even opaque and deceptive communication is prevalent, if not the norm, in most organizations? Why?

Q4. Discuss whether there is any reasonable expectation that an individual will not communicate in her or his organization as she or he does outside of it and what it means for organization communication.

Q5. Have you ever been part of an organization that just “felt different” than anyplace else in the way it communicated? Would you want to be? Do you think such an organization is possible? Tell us about it!

We hope to see you Thursday. If you want a reminder tweet, just let us know or recommend this post and we will be happy to tweet one @ you. Cheers!

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