Radical Opportunity: Recruiting for Impact

Thursday, 10/22/15 @ 4:oo PT & 7:00 ET

The most important lesson I ever learned is that action taken distinguishes the visionary from the mere dreamer. — Vince Skolny

Visionary action taking is not the effect of visionary thinking. It seems that sometimes big thinking actually discourages big action; there is a lot of social pressure working against the Individual. The Skolny Organization exists, in part, to work for the Individual in that regard, not merely as a company for which Individuals work

The real constraints on an individual’s potential — the actual limits of talent and ability to create an impact, to create Greatness through the Individual, are far beyond those imposed on him or her by society’s contempt for it.

An Organization’s impact is the collective impact of individual members operating from a common root toward diverse individual purposes.

We see a least three issues that must be addressed:

Impact Should Not Be Limited to Entrepreneurs

We believe first that too often any notion of creating impact is reserved for those who choose to undertake entrepreneurship, whether social or business and second that too few entrepreneurs are focused on creating opportunity.

The result is that the majority of individuals are robbed of their potential, which is also stolen from society. That creates a net loss for everyone, save those at the top of the hierarchies.

Focus Should Be on Creation & Profit through Impact

The solution is for individuals to focus on what they choose to create, not choosing a career. Creating impact, not earning a living — and for organizations to focus on creating opportunities for that creation and profiting from the impact, neither profit for its own sake, growth for growth’s sake, nor capital expansion as the end of entrepreneurship.

Recruiting for Impact

That means opportunity should not defined by pay scales or promotions, but by the genuine chance for each organization member to create, but not that creation is arbitrary or that an organization is held hostage by its members desires or exists for their sakes at the expense of others or the organization itself.

There is no logical or compelling reason to conclude that it must, only two centuries of social assumptions. To be very clear: An organization exists only as comprised by its members but the composition of those members is constrained by the organization’s purpose.

That means recruiting is vital, both to reject and exclude those who disdain opportunity or the organization’s ideology and to retain and embrace those who will thrive within it.

That’s the discussion at #GTIdeology Happy Hour, framed by our 4th Radical Idea.

You’re invited to — and we hope that you will — join us at 4:00 PT & 7:00 ET on Thursday, October 1, to unofficially kick off the kick off of weekend and discuss this important topic with our smart, fun, and friendly #GTIdeology Happy Hour crowd.

Here is our cool video intro and this week’s questions:

Q1. In your opinion, what role, if any, should an organization play in creating

Q2. Per our 4th Radical Idea, we believe that creating value, profit, and
impact should not be limited to social or business entrepreneurs. What
do you think?

Q3. Agree or disagree: Business should be creating and profiting from
opportunity, not “creating jobs” paid the lowest possible wage. Why?

Q4. Discuss the emphasis on and approach to recruiting in an opportunity-
driven organization compared to traditional approaches.

Q5. Have you ever worked with or for an opportunity-driven organization,
or one that you felt held out particular opportunity for you? Would you
want to? Tell us about it!

We hope you’ll join us. Just tweet at us if you’d like a reminder and we’ll be happy to tweet one at you.

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