Radical Teaming: Social Media as the Source for Creating a Radical Organization

Thursday, 8/18/16 @ 4:00 PT & 7:00 ET

Thanks to our friend Mark Salke for collaborating this week’s topic with us, as part of our 2016 Summer of collaboration.

Mark defines radical teaming as “using social media technology to make contact, build relationships and recruit team members to our organization.

The process purposely eschews traditional recruiting tactics like posting job descriptions, soliciting applicants to submit resumes and hire after a short interviewing/on-boarding exercise.”

He says:

A major recurring theme in our #GTIdeology discussions is that we must let go of traditional organizational ideas and embrace radical themes that free us, as individuals, to pursue our own potential.
In no place is it more obvious and logical to begin to do this than in teaming, and social media is an ideal forum in which to make meaningful connections and friendships that we hope might grow into mutually rewarding membership on our team.
We envision this process as a combination of technology and human interaction.
The technology aspect includes data aggregation and analysis that helps to to identify terms, social behaviors and sentiments of individuals that are synergistic with our, for lack of a better description, culture. We won’t go into specifics of such characteristics, as being immersed in the process will likely teach us as much about that as we know today.
We will not diminish the human aspect of communication in creating connections and friendships that lead us to the decision to invite someone to join our team. And that is exactly as we conceive it: that we explore our serendipitous maze of connections to realize that we’ve discovered a great individual that we are excited to invite to join us!
· Using sentiment and data analysis to point us to individuals that are saying the kinds of things that align with our values and beliefs.
· Following conversations in places where we might not have gone (or known) to make connections.
· Inviting people to join our social community — conversing with our team, our customers, our market… and being transparent about how the invitation is our way of getting to know people. We demonstrate caring for our values and for the integrity of the principles rooted in our Culture of Greatness.
· Social media participation as the interview. Public and private conversations that give the team and the individual the opportunity to build relationships that strengthen our team connection. Remember The 7th Radical Idea: We work with our friends. We profit. We have fun.
Remember too that our goal is truth to our ideal that we value individualism that fosters diversity — of thought, of creativity, of styles — and that this strengthens us together.

What do you think?

These are the ideas we want to discuss with you this week, framed by our 4th Radical Idea.

Our 4th Radical Idea, Radical Diversity

Per our 4th Radical Idea, and contrary to standard organizational development consensus that teams are the basic building block of an organization, we insist that the individual is that fundamental unit.

We believe individualism, which fosters diversity is essential to organizational development. And we agree with Mark that social media can be a unique perspective on individuals in the recruiting and team building process.

#GTIdeology Happy Hour

We discussed this topic on August 18, 2016. Our cool video introduction and the discussion questions are below. You can read the full transcript here.

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Q1. In your opinion, what is the relationship between organization development, team building, and recruiting?

Q2. Per our 4th Radical Idea, we believe individualism that fosters diversity is essential to organizational development. What do you think?

Q3. Agree or disagree: Social media is an ideal source for making connections and creating friendship bonds that lead to enhancing our teams. Why?

Q4. Discuss if and how transparently inviting individuals to join our community(ies) helps/hinders our choice to invite them to join an organization.

Q5. Have you ever been welcomed into an organization’s social communities as a potential team member? Or welcomed others that way? How did or would you deal with it? Tell us about it!

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