I offer a warning to all who know the below person.

I will try to keep this as factual as possible and make plain what appears to be true, but is speculation.

Alla Fedchenko

Lives in New York City

Born Sept 1st 1950

Identifying characteristics: Immigrant from the Ukraine

Common Aliases: Alla Korneyevets, Alla Kornievets, Alla Fedchenko-Korneyevets

Last known profession- Nurse

Used to work in mental hospitals in the Ukraine, possibly as a psychiatrist

Mother of Kristina and Vitaly Fedchenko

Appears to suffer from fear based reasoning, paranoia, controlling and manipulative personality, practices prejudice and bigotry, probably dishonest, likely suffers from cowardice.

Abandoned her daughter for several years due to her daughter refusing to abort an unwanted pregnancy by an african american father.

Was beaten by the father of her children and appears to miss treat her children possibly as a result. Uses money to manipulate and control her epileptic daughter. Attracted to men that offer alcohol and drugs to small children. Possibly unable to love.

Considering her training in mental health it is probable she disowned her daughter to attempt to deliberately break her spirit.

Likely suffers from “but I am a good person syndrome” rendering her unable to acknowledge responsibility for the harm she does others, a sort of perfectionistic and childlike reasoning. Probably blames her emotional problems upon others. Hides behind religion.

Seeing as her training would have taught her how to do so it is possible that she induced epilepsy in her daughter as a means to control her. Possibly done through the use of insulin shock or by some other means.

Russia and it’s satellite nations are known world wide to have committed and continuing to commit crimes against humanity in their mental health system. Prior to their conversion to capitalism they were known to drug and torture political dissidents in their mental health system, labeling such people as mentally ill. It is probable that this woman has tortured human beings. It is therefore likely that she does not see all people as being human beings, but instead demonizes and objectifies people as less then human to justify miss treating those she deems worthy of punishment or torture. Likely see’s some people as mere stereotypes.

Likely has committed crimes against individuals here in the US.

This individual should not serve any function in healthcare.

Kristina Fedchenko

Born: 17th of May, 1981

Currently Lives: New York City

Identifying characteristics: Immigrant from the Ukraine

Common Aliases: Christine Fedchenko, Christina Fedchenko, Christine Fedcinko, Hrustuna Fedchenko

Interested in: Accounting.

Chronic Illness: Epileptic.

Lacking in the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. Has a problem being honest. Seems to have a poor grasp on reality. Severely neglected and abused on multiple accounts. Seems to believe people are out to take her son away. Punishes her son for her failings and misfortunes. Believes people are out to get her, to harm, or even murder her. A string of people that were once close to her in her life she now declares are stalkers out to get her. Appears to be attracted to the wrong sort of men. Talks about and to ghosts. Is very skittish. Seems to live in unreasonable fear, blaming this fear upon others. This could be the result of her epilepsy or she possibly suffers from schizophrenia. Becomes angry over trivial things. Seems to be constantly running from her past. Has a hard time facing herself or her problems. Believes her hardships have made her better, rather then damaged her.

Preyed upon by Chris Cardwell, possibly raped by him, offering differing versions of past events in relation to things Chris did.

Mother of Matt Fedchenko

Vitaly K Fedchenko

Born: 3rd of April, 1985

Currently Lives: New York City

Identifying characteristics: Immigrant from the Ukraine

Common Aliases: Rom Rollan

Went to Holy Trinity Monastery

Likely driven into a monastic life as a result of an abusive mother. Likely feels they are a bad person and must atone for the abuse of his mother through the practice of religion. Unable to deal with conflict between individuals. Possibly has an unhealthy perspective of women. Too spineless to even stand up for his sister or against his mother.

Chris Cardwell

Alias: Chris OverCee’s Cardwell

Womanizer and rapist

Currently lives: New York City

Past locations: South Carolina

Believed to be approx 29 years of age.

Identifying characteristics: African American male

Related to: Eric Cardwell

Received job training from Cassadaga Job Corp Academy

Likes to rape women and force them to get pregnant. Likes to use the word murda.

If you are a victim of this man please find the courage to call the police and turn him in as he has done this to others.

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