Frank Richard Forman

Resident of New York City

Works in New York City Dept of Parks and Recreation

Does anyone else notice the light silhouette of devils horns in the hair of Frank and his son?

Willfully makes mistakes, then brags about intending to purposefully make more. From what I can tell this man deliberately screws up peoples lives, then brags about it. Appears to have no moral objection to convincing others that such behavior is sane. He sort of reminds me of characters in the movie “Dumb and Dumber”. In other words, he shows evidence of very poor decision making skills and has a poor understanding of the world around himself.

Distorts reality to fit it with what makes him look good, at the expense of the greater good. Doesn’t care what is real, just abuses peoples problems to his own benefit. Seems likely that he does this, but then declares that others are in fact the ones doing so. Portrays child like behavior and personality characteristics along with bad mouthing women. Possibly has an angry temperament which he then declares as evidence of caring, rather then being a sign that he is abusive and behaves inappropriately.

Appears to feed upon the fears of others to try to feed some sort of hero complex disorder in himself. Basically he exploits peoples fears, encouraging those fears to control his victims to feel good about himself, not caring whether said fears are real or not.

It is possible that this man is abusing his supervisor position in NYC Dept. of Parks to prey upon female employee’s under him, including one Kristina Fedchenko. I recommend an investigation into this mans actions and if such is the case, that he is fired.

I suspect this guy is verbally and physically abusive to women. Anyone whom has the proper credentials to gain access to his digital transmissions may find evidence of this, if able and willing please contact me immediately.

Anyone whom has met or knows this man personally please contact me.

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