Lyle Stalheim

Last known location: Eastern Iowa

Last known profession: Engineer

Character Traits: Arrogant, narcissistic, divisive, extremely poor listener.

Brain damaged with partial blindness in one eye due to serious brain injury as child.

Extremely hostile man that beat his own children for amusement. Likes pity so that he can use it to get what he wants from people and brags about it. Lies compulsively seeming to lack the ability to know the difference between right/wrong, truth/deceit. Will lie to peoples face with evidence of a crime in hand, tells people they are stupid to cover up his deceit. Likes to start pointless conflicts between people for amusement, believes it proves he is smarter then everyone. He enjoys the suffering of others. Hates being questioned. Twists and distorts events that occur to make himself appear like the good guy or victim. Charismatic, funny, and nice to total strangers or when he want’s something, but turns on people once they get to know him. Likes to borrow things with the deliberate intention of keeping what he borrows. He in fact has a trove of items he has borrowed and never returned. Never takes responsibility for his actions. Tried to indoctrinate his children into his disturbed world views. Believes fear, is respect. His behavior has gotten him disowned by most of his children, with the possible exception of his middle son Nathan, whom has been his long time confidant.

Obsessively hordes junk. Often described as being confused. Is emotionally unstable. Likes to use threats of violence when people disagree with him. Will likely become angry and hostile if confronted.

Hates his mother and see’s all women as essentially like her. Told his wife of 30 years, mother of his children, to hurry up and die so he didn’t have to bother with divorce and would not have to file a settlement that would cost him a cent.

Believes in the paranormal, that spirits or demons are out to get him. Believes he has had out of body experiences. Often afraid of the dark.

Owns at least a half dozen firearms, pistols and rifles. Owns illegal and unregistered firearms which are almost always improperly stored loaded or with ammunition. Owns a stockpile of ammunition. Has engineered parts to turn a civilian semi automatic rifle, fully automatic. Has a supply of gunpowder.

Warning: this man has no interest in hunting or sport shooting, his guns are for shooting people. Has an interest in explosives and has a stockpile of chemicals for producing such. Believes people, especially the government, are out to get him. Was/is on anti depressant and anti anxiety medication.

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