NinjaCat Voted “Top Rated Business Intelligence Software For Small Business.” by G2 Crowd

NinjaCat Voted “Top Rated Business Intelligence Software For Small Business.” by G2 Crowd

Take pride in what you do and others will notice. Also, built it and they will come.

Did you know that NinjaCat recently was voted “Top Rated Business Intelligence (BI) Software for Small Business” and was also ranked in the “Top 10 Business Intelligence Software for Mid Market” by G2 Crowd?

The software is an amazing piece that any and every digital marketing company should check out. In fact, sign up for the quick free demo NOW!

NinjaCat allows you to monitor track and report all the most important metrics to your client’s. Plus it automates it. Basically you just draft your report, select an automation cycle and then go back to working on more important things. Things like, how did the Oscars really screw best picture up?

Take a look at how NinjaCat scored against some fierce competitors:

NinjaCat is super cool!
NinjaCat Product Score

NinjaCat has some really impressive scores in End User Satisfaction, Ease of Use and Admin Satisfaction. They are also very popular and have a huge overall rating.

How could NinjaCat get any cooler?

Here is the list of all the competitors in the BI section:

NinjaCat top 5 in BI for G2 Crowd

That is an impressive lead. What makes this even cooler is that recently, NinjaCat demoed the new version of their platform called Shinobi. Shinobi was demoed to a select group of top digital marketing companies and they are raving about its functionality. Many are so excited about Shinobi that they have asked to become our first round of beta testers! Shinobi will change the game by delivering KPI’s, drag and drop report building, report preview and so much more. It will still have all the features you know and love about NinjaCat and offer you more reasons to fall in love with the platform.

If you want to see what NinjaCat is all about, please sign up for the quick demo. If you want to see the future of Data Visualization, check out Shinobi here.

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