Cryptopia Listing + Global Contests launched

Apr 19, 2018 · 2 min read

We are pleased to announce that as of yesterday we are listed on Cryptopia. The Skrilla Token is trading under the token symbol SKRL.

Skrilla Token Information

Circulating Supply: 17,235,678 SKR

Maximum token supply: 405,545,344 SKR

Growth tokens: 300,000,000 SKR

Team tokens: 40,000,000 SKR

Company reserve: 59,445,466 SKR

Global free to play

To complement our exchange listing, we have another major piece of news to announce. People from around the globe can now compete in Skrilla’s Daily Fantasy Esports contests!

As of today it is possible for users outside of US and Canada to enter and compete in our free to play daily fantasy contests. Use your esports knowledge to compete against other gamers, watch live esports streams and win SKR tokens. HODL or exchange them for cash, crypto or gaming gear.

Follow this link to get involved!

Looking ahead

There are a number of significant features the team have been working on, which are close to being finalised and we are very excited to release in the coming weeks. These include:

Gear Marketplace

We have listened to the community, and the result is an online marketplace within the Skrilla platform. For a sneak peak take a look here.

Members will have the ability to use that hard earned SKR won to purchase fresh gaming gear, vouchers and other cool items. Items will be on hourly, daily and weekly rotation, and changing regularly so there will always be something new and exciting to buy.

Internal Exchange — Sell SKR for ETH

The community will soon have the ability to seamlessly exchange their SKR for ETH (Ether) directly within their Skrilla eWallet. For those that would prefer to convert to fiat, and we recommend you hold instead, you are now only one transaction removed from USD or a local currency of your choosing. Coinbase is a good example of how easy that conversion can be.

Initially this functionality will be available for our verified US and Canadian players, but we will look to expand into other countries rapidly.

Internal Exchange — Purchase SKR on site using Fiat

We are also finalising the functionality for verified members to purchase SKR directly on site using their credit/debit card. Allowing members to enter Pay to Play Contests or purchase gear without having to leave the Skrilla ecosystem.

This removes the last remaining UX barrier to widespread adoption of the SKR token and something we are extremely excited to roll out!

To join the discussion on what has been a busy week for the Skrilla community visit our telegram or start playing to earn SKR now.

Best Regards

Damon — Skrilla Co-founder


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Skrilla is a licensed, esports betting and daily fantasy platform. Created in Australia, built for a global audience.

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