It turns out I’m a planner. I feel like I probably knew that, but I’ve never really admitted it as a driving part of my personality before today.

Here’s the story. I hate the carpet in my living room. It’s original to the house, which is about 12 years old right now, so it’s “builder quality”. Which means, not great. It wasn’t in the best quality when we moved in two years ago; now add three cats and a four year old half-daughter/half-tornado, and it’s essentially ruined.

The living room has been making me uncomfortable for a while now, and I never really tied it to the carpet in there before. I just didn’t want to use the room for some reason. While doing a family clean the house day last weekend, I started picking up in there and realized just how awful the carpet had really gotten. So I started thinking about what would be better.

Nicole and I had talked about putting wood floors in “someday”. I started researching. I pulled up a little corner to see what was underneath: concrete, of course. #floridahouse. I sure can’t afford to redo the whole open plan main floor anytime soon, so whatever I do will have to go with the tile for now. Maybe once the kid had gotten a little older, I’ll do the whole place, but for now I want something that would look good, not cost too much, and something that I could ideally do myself over a weekend. I decided on a laminate floor.

Here’s the interesting part though. Once I made the decision, I started loving the room again. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t actually done anything, I had a plan. Maybe not even a plan, just a direction to go in. I don’t know the first thing about installing floors, I don’t know what color or style will look best in the house. But I know that the clock has started on the horrible carpet, and now all I see in there is potential.

It didn’t hit me until driving into the office this morning that it was the plan that made the room livable again. Instead of letting the problem overwhelm me, I can start sorting through the options for the solution. Now that I realize that about myself, maybe I can use it.

Originally published at The Glass Effect.