Importance of right mentors!

I have found myself in a moment where I have chosen which people I would like to be compared to and which I look up to in times when I need an advice or just to be clear of my future intentions.

In age of social media where you can literally choose people from whom you wish and do learn from it has never been easier to become the best version of yourself. There are 3 ways you can mentor someone:

  • Personal like Universities
  • Social media like TV shows
  • Magazines and books
Its better to choose one of three , the best is to do them all, but it’s nonsense to choose none

You can do it all alone too , but time is the most valuable thing we have. And to economy time or spend time most efficiency is to work smart.

Work smart not hard – Tai Lopez

That’s why you have mentors who have already gone trough hard times and not so much that they have gained life lessons so you don’t have to – so you can move forward twice as fast.

And the thing is we all have mentors consciously or unconsciously. We have mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, teachers at school and the good guy who always says good morning and good night. These people are teaching you how to be something and it’s really important that you understand it because you are what you think you are after what you do. You are result of few people you hang around with most.

Atis Skudra

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