Addendum: Samurai Jack

And humanity’s fate

As an addendum to this post, imagine if the story would take this turn. And yes, I could probably turn this into an AU fanfic, but I’m not willing to. If anyone reading this wants to do it, be my guest.

This is reference to the “missed opportunities” paragraph, where I mention that at times the story could have taken some more interesting turns.

Spoilers ahead.

Imagine the final duel already gone, where Jack successfully vanquishes Aku. On these moments, he exchanges some words, about how Aku’s evil will never rotten the world again.

Aku, with his last breaths, explains that he initially destroyed and took over the world, but after that, just remained in his lair and dedicated only to destroying Jack. He had not done anything else about the world or governments, not since the end of the third season.

“I did set it all on fire and destroy it, but everything else, humanity did. I did not rot this world, I just sparked the worst of humanity. I did not corrupt them, I just gave them the chance.”

(Quite a lot for some last breaths, but you get the idea.)

And then Jack finishes his quest, but keeps thinking about those words. Because he defeated evil personified, but evil people will always exist.

And scene.