Music and lyrics need to match styles

It’s part of building a particular style that appeals to the same people.

If even feel hypocritical writing this because I have not experience at all making music (although I did some stuff and it was crappy)… but I am not a chef and I can tell what I like and what I don’t.

Lately I’ve been hearing some bands I haven’t heard before, and I came across 2 Times Terror, a band that is kind of a side-project of Turmion Kätilöt. If you don’t know any of those, just stick with me.

Forever mine

The music composition is just… gorgeous. Superb. A particular favorite of mine is Forever Mine. Hear it out and pay attention to these particular aspects:

Spotify Link

  • 0:00 The synthesized voice with the rhythmical lyrics, climbing up with the heavy drums and guitars.
  • 0:27 The heavy dry voice, that still gets heard over the heavy music. It contrasts with the synthesized voice of before.
  • 0:38 The synth at the back, melodic, smooth and rhythmical. This is very enjoyable, the melody just takes you away and you feel almost like dancing happily to it.
  • 0:54 The same synth, become a little bit more hash. The melody still carries one around.
  • 1:05 Heavy voice + synthesized voice, together, creating a wonderful contrast. The contraposition is even poetic.
  • 1:16 Synthesized voice + heavy voice, but this time alternating. The pace slows down a little bit and starts building up to something more. “The rain from the bloodred skies” — chills down my spine right here.
  • 1:43 “Raise your hands, touch the skies”, in both voices. Pace picks up. I’m about to break through the roof in here.
  • 2:08 Electronic downtempo.
  • 2:23 Slow electronic crescendo. A little bit of synthesized voice speaking Latin, but to be honest, it’s hardly understandable. Still, the effect of the buildup is great. You can feel it coming.
  • 2:35 Guitars. It is about to blow up. Prepare your ears.
  • 2:59 Same synthesized voice from the start of the song, now alternating with the heavy voice.
  • 3:13 Rhythmic synths come in. Everything repeats, alternating, being familiar and new at the same time. This is the moment when everything catches fire, I cannot imagine what it would be to be in a concert with this happening.
  • 3:30 Strings in the background, building up to the end.
  • 3:38 End.

Now, this song is, for me, as good as a song can get. Yes, I will probably wear it down and not like it so much in the future, but I cannot hear it without pumping a fist to the sky.


And then, there’s the part that compliments a good song: the lyrics to it, the message it sends.

And… hmm… well. This is where things fall apart. Check out the hot mess this is.

Love me.
Touch me.
Hate me.
Never leave me.
Love me.
Touch me.
Hate me.
Forever yours.

Ok, so far so good. I can picture a song about destructive tendencies in a relationship. Some other songs in this band actually revolve around the subject, so that is ok.

Let us be shelter of our wounds.
Now and then we get lost from reality.
Common toughts drives us to insane.
Be my sanitarium, be my immortal.

Uh… what? I don’t think that’s even proper English. Not that they have to know proper English at all, these guys are Finnish after all, but I don’t get anything out of that.

There is no future, there is no past.
Hand in hand we arise from the dust.
I am the razorblade inside your veins.
Our blood is my life, so let it rain.
Side by side we are the higher force.
Our hands testifies integrated souls.
Chaos masterpiece of two mens creation.
Total demolition, loud laughter for life.
[Synthesized voice] Navigating inside, inside of you.
Crawling in the edge of insanity.
[Synthesized voice] I need the razorblade to feed my veins.
Our love is my blood so let it rain.

Yup, no, still getting nothing. This is so abstract it means nothing to me. Maybe there’s a reference I’m not getting? A metaphor I am actually not getting?

I can totally imagine the razorblade for the veins is alluding to suicide or self harm tendencies, but “navigating inside”? What? Is that about sex?

Waiting for you.
[Synthesized voice] Navigating, navigating, navigating.
Inside of you.
The rain from the bloodred sky.
[Synthesized voice] I need the razorblade to feed my veins.
Still waiting alone.
[Synthesized voice] Navigating, navigating, navigating.
Inside of you.
The blood for the sacred alliance.
[Synthesized voice] I need the razorblade to feed my veins.

And the great chrous comes up:

[Both] Raise your hands, touch the skies.
Creatures deep in the rotten soul.
[Both] Burned alive, forgive, forever.
So called role of the humans face.

This I actually like a lot. But the messages don’t quite fit together. “Raise your hands, touch the skies” is very uplifting. It is like a message of self-growth, of hope… where does it fit here?

“Creatures deep in the rotten soul” I actually like. Yes, it’s still very abstract, but a good choice of words for some kind of spiritual loss. If you were to analyze the sentiment of each word as the sentence progresses towards its end, “creatures” is neutral, “deep” could be both good (like an insight) or bad (like a pit), “rotten” of course being negative and “soul” being associated with positive. It is highly ambivalent and I find that very clever.

“Burned alive, forgive, forever”, another great choice of words, and this time very succinct. I still think it’s in relation to toxic relationships, but this might be just me projecting.

“So called role of the humans face”… was this meant to be “fate”, maybe? What’s the role of a face? And why is it “so called”? Didn’t get this one.

Masturbation activated by the power of hate.

I… I have no words. This is way too funny to be scary. Even the “activated by” makes it word a laugh.

Cum, ames, non sapias, aut cum sapias.
Non ames, erare humanun, est ignosere divinum.
Nemo enim feres saltat sobrius.
Nisi forte insanit.
Omnia vincint amor, inter arma silent leges.
Nemo enim feres saltat sobrius.
Nisi forte insanit.
Omnia vincint amor, abimale spiritus.

These are just a bunch of disconnected Latin quotes. First one about love being harmful, second one about divinity ignorance, third one about dancing and being drunk, then about love conquering all, then about laws failing in times of war.

Just look them up one at a time and you’ll see that these are just a bunch of Latin expressions thrown together.

The rest of the song is just repetition of what’s before.

So, as you could see, there is no coherence, no line of reasoning, no message, no concept to be explored in here. If we wanted to draw something out, we’d have to speculate, at best.

As you may guess, empty lyrics. Based on the music, I could totally imagine these lyrics being about the perdition of humanity in a transhumanism apocalypse (yes, I̶’̶m̶ ̶a̶ ̶b̶i̶t̶c̶h̶ I have a sweet spot for all things transhumanism). It could still keep the theme of harmful relationships, but it needs to stick to it.

I think shock-intending lyrics, with lots of cusswords and harmful expressions just wear off too easily. They don’t impact anymore after some time. But approaching it in the right way can have a much better insight, even like some kind of psychological horror. If you say something clever that is hopeless, you will impact your audience a lot more than with a bunch of cusswords.

And I have no saying in this, it’s their music and their band and they can do whatever they want. This is just an expression of desire.

Doing it right

I have already shown in previous posts how it can be done right, and in positive tones like love for the world in symphonic metal (Amor por el mundo, Spanish only), total perdition and hopelessness in eletrodark (Cyberpunk industral, Spanish only), or the importance of education in rap (Nach: Manifiesto, Spanish only).

Man, those yelworC lyrics still puts me on the tip of my toes today, 10 years later.

Not only that, I think I have found, so far, the song with the most concentrated hatred. It’s by a chilean band called UlterPsic_, and the song is called The Reason of His Tears. It is a little bit incoherent, but you will pick up the part of the abusive relationship and hate a lot more than with the previous 2 Times Terror song.

Here is the song:

Here are the lyrics: LyricsWikia (Spanish)

I’ll translate them here to English so you can enjoy all that hate:

I’ve capture a piece of hell,
Each time I understand your pain less,
You blinded my mind, your hot blood,
You spit your sex on me, your last breath
You’ve ruined me. Your body infects me.
Filthy your face, your blood, bastard
You filled your body with intense pleasure
Looking for liberation. There will be no more revolution.
Massacre perfect for a new rennassaince,
Machines that accept the reason of his tears
Your reason for life, the mix in your blood
Builds addictions that grind your meat
Through unrenounceable fear
Under decadence you developed
Sick and slave, meaty insect
Chews your grime, destroys your face
Inert protector penetrates your lips
Assume your position: part of a mechanism!
You’ve ruined my defense.
Massacre perfect for a new rennassaince,
Machines that accept the reason of his tears

Now, I don’t know you, but even if this isn’t literal at all, I find it much more compelling than the previous 2 Times Terror example. It feels filthy. The insults are more degrading than any words we actually have in our languages. It still hints of a deeper meaning (I think it’s again abusive relationships), but the hated. So pure, the hatred that flows in those lyrics.

But in the end…

…it doesn’t even matter.

I always read a lot into lyrics. I actually like that. I sometimes see missed opportunities and I think “aw man, this could be improved a lot and it would SO FREAKING GOOD”.

But again, it’s just my opinion, and I might be completely wrong. This was just my point of view. Feel free to criticize it.

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