I recently watched the movie Okja, promoted by Netflix studios.

To be honest, i didn’t like it. But I guess because I’m not probably the target audience for that movie.

The movie is about a superpig new species being created in labs and distributed to farmers around the world to grow them, and then pick the best one to make into production. As you can imagine (and probably guess from the trailers), there is a little girl that really loves her pet and does as much as possible to get her back.

Now, I think the movie has very good photography and pacing – it is long (2 hours) but it does not feel slow at any point. I think the major problem with it is that the story telling feels much more like a fairy tale, where bad guys are bad guys and good guys are good guys and that’s it.

And that’s where I feel that I wasn’t probably in the target audience. Probably this movie was for children, a nice story about loving animals more than corporate interests and not being greedy, and I can definitely vouch for that. But the movie may be no more than a conversation starter on the topic. It falls flat on exposing any good argument on both sides of the controversy.

I think one of the scenes was an allusion to the holocaust? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it really felt that they were driving an analogy there, just for a particular scene.

Ah, and there are unresolved business and subplots that never get developed. Did it really matter that the corporate heads’ father was an awful man? And why was he so awful anyway? (Besides polluting.) Did we really need to know about the two sisters? Not like they were that different that it affected the story deeply.

I'd give it 2/5.

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