You Don’t Know NoHo: North Hollywood Neighborhood Guide

Sep 16, 2017 · 5 min read

Just a five-minute drive from the glitz and excess of Tinseltown sits North Hollywood. NoHo, as it’s called by natives, is understated, audacious and every bit as glamorous as its southern sister. It’s time you got to know NoHo.

Public Art — Noho Arts District Gateway

Where Lankershim and Huston Street meet, you’ll find this vibrant, iconic work of art that commemorates the 30th anniversary of NoHo. Chosen over sixty other designs, the sculpture playfully mixes a metal and bronze base with lime-green, yellow and orange geometric discs, which all makes for an unforgettable welcome to the city.

The center’ stately, art deco facade was restored by LA’s Department of Cultural Affairs

Lankershim Arts Center

This registered cultural landmark was originally a Department of Water & Power building. Constructed in 1939, the Lankershim Arts Center has been thoroughly renovated, and these days it showcases art exhibitions, acting classes and original plays.

A charming lounge, perfect for reading…or romance

Firefly Studio City

A chic, Old Hollywood-style hotspot, Firefly boasts some of the most colorful and eclectic cocktails in SoCal.

With an array of homemade infused liquors, you can enjoy everything from jalapeño-pineapple tequila to apple-cinnamon-vanilla bourbon.

If you come for dinner, make sure to save room for Firefly’s specialty dessert — an out-of-this-world concoction of chocolate sherbet, brûléed coffee scoops and and smashed ice cream cone appropriately named Astronaut Ice Cream.

Lankershim Depot Historic Train Station

After a $4 million renovation, the Lankershim Train Depot opened to the public again after more than sixty years. This 124-year old landmark is the oldest unmodified railroad structure in the San Fernando Valley. Feel free to relax on the rustic patio and sip some java courtesy of the Groundworks coffee shop located on-site.

This kid-friendly attraction radiates old-school Disneyland exuberance

Boney Island

A deliriously creepy Halloween attraction that’s only open from October 21 through Halloween, Boney Island has still managed to attract half a million visitors in the two decades it’s been around. The park is the brainchild of The Simpson’s producer Rick Polizzi’s, who set out to create a park that was also a walk-through dark ride. But fear not! While Boney Island offers more than a few scares, it’s more gorgeous than gory.

The park changes every year — here’s a look at last year’s ghoulish gallery
Keep your eye out for the utterly exquisite Rainforest Trail

Fryman Canyon

Lush, quiet, and less of a “scene” than nearby Runyon Canyon. Enjoy a leisurely hike along Fryman Canyon’s 2.1 mile trail that winds its way through the Hollywood Hills, and spills out onto a cul-de-sac at the end of Iredell Lane. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse celebrities L.L. Cool J and George Clooney, who have homes in the area.

This cozy home built in 1959 is valuated at over one million dollars

The Brady Bunch House

The classic television show The Brady Bunch may have ended its five year run in 1974, but that hasn’t stopped generations of fans from visiting the real-life ranch style home whose exterior was used on the show. Over the years, various owners have modified the its look, but the Brady House is still-recognizable, making it one of the most photographed homes in the country. If you visit, though, be cool — the homeowners kindly request that visitors don’t knock.

Try the “There’s Something about Rosemary” cocktail — Nolet’s gin, lime, cucumber, agave and of course the titular herb

Laurel Tavern

Billing itself as an American gastropub, this neighborhood watering hole is definitely one of NoHo’s hidden gems. From bacon brussel sprouts to craft beer, this is a great destination for your next date-night. Cheers!

This clown- a NoHo institute- promises that no one floats here!

Circus Liquors sign

A towering 32-foot neon clown could easily be the stuff of nightmares, but far from fearsome, the giddy mascot of Circus Liquors is a beloved Noho institute. Even though the sign made a famous cameo in the movie Clueless, the liquor store below, which offers nearly 2,000 varieties of beer and spirits, is no Hollywood poser. As if!

As it turns out, not everywhere has valet 😂

Did we leave your favorite NoHo landmark off the list? If so, leave a comment below and let us know!

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