I think I experienced the longest 10 seconds of my life a few hours ago. Between when Judith announced there was a tie for second place and when she ended up not announcing our name as one of those caught in the tie, I swear I waited an eternity. I tried my best to act aloof (as Mohini will attest to), but I exposed myself by punching the chair in front of me as soon as the announcement came through the speakers to my ears.

Timi fucking jumped on me, man.

So, yeah. Four months and two days after I had my first Virtual Reality experience, Timi, his brother Tade, 3D wizard Olumide “47”, Abdulmalik, and I just won the first-ever VR Hackathon in Nigeria.

Of course, this means that we need to build out our brainchild, LEVRN (pronounced learn) into a full-fledged experience that will live on the Oculus store, but I’m mostly glad to finally be able to get some sleep.

(Now, to find the space to stick “VR Hackathon winner” in my resume)