Skybreakers Is Putting You Into The Seat Of A Helicopter Pilot
4 min readMay 18, 2022

Have you ever imagined how it feels to operate a helicopter? Ever wanted to feel the rush of flying fast and shooting missiles at enemy targets? Seek no further because SkyBreakers is what it is all about!

SkyBreakers is a relatively new and realistic helicopter simulator, designed by a professional team of challenge-loving game creators. The team themselves are passionate helicopter enthusiasts. Every detail in the game has been looked at and perfected, which legitimately classifies this simulator as realistic. Nevertheless, their achievements speak for themselves — no. 1 in the Simulator category for iPad in 84 countries, no. 1 Simulator for iPhone in 66 countries (App Store), no. 1 in the Multiplayer category in 62 countries (Amazon), and a whopping no. 5 Arcade in all of Japan (Amazon)!

The game is a mix of arcade, shooter, and role-playing games (RPG). The player can control the helicopter relatively easily in two control modes: an accelerometer plus a joystick or by using two joysticks.

The game offers more than 30 realistic helicopter models with various available modifications, for example, as many as 70 types of ammunition. Still, the team is currently working hard to increase the total number of helicopters to 50.

Helicopters in-game are equipped with a machine gun, rockets, heat-seeking missiles, and a heat trap that diverts enemy missiles. This game allows you to upgrade your helicopter — i.e., alter its weapons between machine guns, rockets, missiles, engines, armor, and even its paint job.

These helicopters are grouped into three categories — reconnaissance helicopters, which are fast and flexible; attack helicopters, which are armed and used in assaults; and fire support helicopters, which are highly durable.

Some reconnaissance helicopters include Boeing AH-6, MD530F, Bell 407GT, a German BO105, and the famous Italian Agusta A109, still being produced today.

Assault helicopters include the ones used by the U.S. army: Bell AH-1G Cobra, Bell AH-1J SuperCobra, AH-1W SuperCobra, the almighty ARH-Tiger, and yet another well-known model — AS565 Panther.

Last but not least, the fire support helicopters have some of the U.S. models such as UH-1Y Venom, UH-1N, and the first-ever produced & designed helicopter in Poland — W-3WA.

Thanks to a computer program and artificial intelligence, the game offers various combat situations, which are assigned to the player based on their rank — more completed tasks mean more rank points and result in a higher level and higher quality helicopters, their upgrades, etc.

Currently, the game is a single-player game with one game mode — deathmatch — and two maps — a city map and a desert map.

The developers are working hard to add multiple updates in the future, which will result in adding exciting features to the game. These additional features include a player vs. enemy mode and even maps with different climate zones (winter mountains, tropics, etc), making this game as realistic as it can get.

The current in-game community allows you to add in-game friends, view their profiles, chat with them, etc. Still, in the upcoming stages of the game, the developers will add clans, clan battles, tournaments between players, and custom game rooms. You will be able to battle against your friends or your enemies!

This game will have a P2E (play to earn) system in the future, in which the players will be able to profit from playing the game! Suppose you have ever had a dream of owning a helicopter. In that case, your goal is on the verge of becoming a reality as a wide variety of these helicopters will be available as NFTs, so buckle up and prepare to fly!

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