This Realistic Helicopter Simulator is Better Than You Think — Skybreakers.
3 min readAug 1, 2022


Skybreakers, also known as ex C.H.A.O.S is a mix of arcade simulator, shooter, and role-playing games. It is a rather new and realistic helicopter simulator designed by a team of professional game creators who always love a challenge. Since the team itself consists of helicopter enthusiasts, this guarantees that every single detail has been reviewed and perfected to make this simulator as realistic as possible.

There are more than 30 realistic helicopter models in-game now, which can be divided into three categories: reconnaissance helicopters, which are fast and flexible; attack helicopters, which are armed and used in assaults; and fire support helicopters, which are highly durable. Nevertheless, the developers are doing their best to increase the total amount of helicopters to 50.

The helicopters are fully customizable — there are more than 70 types of ammunition — machine guns, rocket pads, missiles, you name it. Not only the offensive features can be enhanced — there are also several engine upgrades that change helicopters’ physical characteristics. Each aircraft has up to 7 skins (paintwork) which can be crucial if you are trying to remain as stealthy as possible.

Gameplay controls from one side are relatively simple — a helicopter can fly in 6 dimensions:

up/down, forward/backward, left/right, hover in one spot, and make a U-turn.

It can be controlled in two ways, one is arcade simplified, and another is hardcore modes — joystick plus accelerometer, or two joysticks.

Each helicopter can be equipped with three types of ammunition: machine gun or cannon, rockets, and missiles. The machine gun shoots at a designated bullets-per-minute rate but can overheat, requiring some time to cool down before re-usage. Rockets launch from it’s pad in the amount of 2|4|8 and flies straight; however, they deal a lot of damage. Guided missiles are laser or heat-seeking, meaning when your lock the target, then missiles will chase it. However, missiles can be diverted using heat traps, which are present in each helicopter.

Currently, there are two playable maps — Desert map and City map — and primary basic game mode — 8x deathmatch.

Game developers are working hard and plan to release a new map in Q3 of 2022 and many other updates, including a player-versus-enemy mode and maps with different climate zones (Tropics, Winter mountains, etc.), to make this helicopter simulator as realistic as possible. Computer programs (CP) and artificial intelligence (AI) help to simulate combat situations by controlling land and sea military equipment alongside various other helicopters.

Keep in mind that the Skybreakers team has proven to know their business — they have achieved #1 in the Simulator category for iPad in 84 countries, #1 Simulator for iPhone in 66 countries (App Store), #1 in Multiplayer category in 62 countries (Amazon), #5 Arcade in all of Japan (Amazon), and have more than 30 million satisfied players!

Last but not least, game developers have planned and will release a feature for every installed helicopter — a 99.9% real cockpit view with dynamic unit behaviour, which will provide you with basic knowledge about aerodynamics and fulfil your dreams of flying a helicopter yourself.

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