Why The Team Of Skybreakers Is The Best Among Simulators?

3 min readAug 5, 2022

Ever wondered what you could do with ten dedicated professionals? You could do a lot, but not as much as the team of Skybreakers. Skybreakers is a relatively new realistic helicopter simulator in which you can jump to the sky, playing the role of the pilot. Each game’s feature has been carefully looked at and perfected to replicate a real-life helicopter flight experience.

Based in Belarus, the team of Skybreakers is dedicated helicopter enthusiasts who once had the vision to make a helicopter simulator. The team has been in the market for more than 16 years and is constantly developing new projects and ideas. Their portfolio includes such games as C.H.A.O.S, Defence Effect, Sumo, etc. They are currently working hard to perfect yet another helicopter simulator called Skybreakers. The new project will have more advanced features than C.H.A.O.S, for example — 99% accurate cockpit view, which will be most popular among young people and help them learn about aerodynamics, a Play-to-Earn system, as well as realistic maps and terrains that could work well not only in the mobile version but in the PC version as well.

Their goal is to make their games as best as possible regarding various details. To give you a better understanding — in the game Skybreakers, you can modify the helicopter’s engine, but each modification slightly changes the technical properties of the aircraft and how it behaves as though it were real. Everything in the game is perfected from the bottom to the top — including the behavior of sand that changes during take-off and landing. In short, the measurements for such changes are based not on just pure guess or pure instinct but long and extensive research and calculations. Achieving the desired outcome does not only require programmers onboard but also mathematicians and physicists. This explains why the team’s core is international — Belarusian in collaboration with Russian, German, and Polish developers who have the necessary knowledge.

The team began their journey in 2000 with a mobile application that allowed the user to change their mobile phone’s screensaver pictures and melodies — the project with a witty name, “FunMaster.” Afterwards they created popular games at the time — chess, dominoes, word building games, etc. Further, the team started exploring different 3D engines — C2, Ogre, Trinigy, and CryEngine. During testing and experimenting, the team was trying to make races project. They encountered a programmer’s mistake — the game had roller coaster tracks, and the car was supposed to drive through them, but it just took off and could not land. The programmers fixed the mistake, but they immediately got attracted to the sky upon making races.

And after only six months, a prototype game appeared, which gained a lot of trust, and SkyJet became the game’s publisher.

After becoming close friends with Eagle Dynamics, they have a lot of knowledge in Aviation and successfully released the first helicopter simulator C.H.A.O.S, resulting in more than 30 million downloads. The team has achieved #1 in the Simulator category for iPad in 84 countries, #1 Simulator for iPhone in 66 countries (App Store), #1 in Multiplayer category in 62 countries (Amazon), and #5 Arcade in all of Japan (Amazon).

You might think that this is not that impressive because the game was launched in 2013. Yet, after long and hard work, the team is back with a better-than-ever helicopter simulator, Skybreakers, which experts say might be another gamechanger from the same group of developers.

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SkyBreakers.io is the first play-and-earn arcade helicopter simulator that will leave you feeling like a real pilot.