A competition? Hosted By Sky Feathers!?

Yep thats right.

Sky Feathers will be hosting a competition, the judges are not decided yet but it will be on April 15th. Yes thats a long time from now, we want to give the clubs time so they won’t have to feel rushed. We expect to have a lot of clubs coming and deciding to come. We will have events at the competition too. We plan to have the club owners and leaders do a dressage routine, have a “Best Uniform” contest which will be judging how elite and professional the uniforms are, and then have a fun little parade. The winners won’t be announced until all events are over with!

We hope to make this competition huge and have the most people watch as we can. It might not come out as a good competition as our expectations but we all want to make this competition fun for everyone who joins in. Competitions aren’t just the fact of having to win. We want to make a game out of it. ❤ We will be having our arms open to anyone who wants to join Sky Feathers, it also is an opportunity to let other clubs get members too. We all hope to see you there. ~❤

Love, The Sky Feather Team

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