Sky Feathers Open House!! c̶l̶o̶s̶e̶d̶

Sky Feathers will be hosting an open house next Saturday at 2:00 P.M Eastern. We will advertise all week on all social media and on SSO! 7 spots are open! Must be a Star Rider, etc… We will get everyone to meet us at the Riding Hall, Where we will first welcome everyone and answer any questions. After, we will give a very short dressage performance, just to let people see what they are getting themselves into. After, we will take a mini trail ride to the round pen on Paddock Island, where we will begin playing games. The first will be Simon Says. The second will be a Hide and Seek Race (One of the clubbies will give the group a clue, they have to go find the spot from the clue. Once they reach the clue, they will encountering another Feather, who will give them the next clue, and so on. First person to have found all the clues and make it back to the round pen wins). After games, we will do a race comp, the one on Paddock island. We will have everyone split into groups and do the race. The winners from each group will then group as one for the final race. Whoever wins the final race wins the comp.Whats giving thought is the three winners from the games and racing comp will automatically get spots in the club, where we will decide on the remaining four spots as a club. Lastly, we will gather everyone together again in the round pen and announce who got in, as well as thank everyone who came out tried to get in. How does all this sound? ❤ Hope to see ya’ll there. — SkyFeathers. (Follow SkyFeathers on insta @skyfeathers.sso)