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When it comes to branding; website is the key to gaining an in depth information of what the company is all about and the various services that it provides. Hence a wisely structured website with relevant design is the apt combo to entice the visitors.

The website design is synonymous to any genre of design and hence keeping oneself up to date with the latest trends is surely a must. The artistic use of full screen backgrounds has become a large part of the web design lexicon nowadays. Many different layouts from landing pages to agencies and social networks have used this feature with great success. It’s a fantastic way to draw attention while simultaneously branding a company or project.

Here are a few primary uses for background images and videos. Best practices are in constant growth but have stabilized to focus on usability, user experience, and content priority. You are on the right track with respect to the website if only it is functional the way desired and the background content adds to the overall message.

In general scenario the images or videos form the full screen background that gives site a fascinating appearance as compared to the old classic look. With images one could also include photos, illustrations, or even a moving collage slideshow or carousel. Video is more straightforward but also more difficult to implement with wavering browser support.

For either case an important principle to remember is that backgrounds should remain an accessory and not a necessity. If the full screen image or video were removed, content should still read properly and organize itself accordingly. It’s wise to have fallbacks in place which use a solid color background like a safety net. But at the moment browser support is far-reaching and growing larger with each passing year.

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