I am an Uber survivor.
Amy Vertino

Hey Amy.

I was in a religious non profit cult that was abusive and manipulative in different ways. I can’t imagine having to endure that kind of treatment day in and day out. I dabble between creative freelancing and an airline job so I don’t see an office anymore. My hat is off to you for standing up for yourself.

I was volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival this last January and I had a few early morning shifts downtown Park City and the city bus wasn’t quite running early enough to get me there. My first morning I took to Uber to get a ride. Sure enough I was able to get one at regular price — $8 — and it was fair. The next day at around the same time I requested again and I knew that some sort of surge pricing would possibly kick in — so I was glad to get the fair rate. The next day I requested again and it was priced slightly higher at almost $10 — and I thought the slight bump was acceptable. I do support the notion of supply and demand — to a point — but what was to follow infuriated me.

A few moments after accepting the ride — the driver cancelled. The app informed me that another driver would be on its way. The app spun searching for a few minutes and the request timed out. Low and behold I would now be forced to ping a “new request” and of course, the price had now tripled to $30. I’m sure there is a sliver of a chance the driver legitimately needed to cancel for a real reason, but since the app made no effort to honor the price that someone had accepted — I was done. I was not going to be baited and switched.

I used the app to file a complaint to only get an email saying I had to click on a link to confirm the complaint — which I never did since I didn’t see the email — nor think that was an actual important step since my verified account already submitted it. I deleted my account shortly thereafter. Already drivers are being used to build up this giant company to only replace them with self driving cars. Living in Seattle I’ve seen the union drive for drivers — which is a no brainer — be fought at tooth and nail by Uber.

Your experience coming to light and those of other women need to see the light of day in a courtroom. I wonder if Erin Brockovich is available? Don’t stay silent and stay strong. Hugs.

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