Wanted: Adventure and willing to travel to the ends of the earth!

After an interesting week of fighting a dreading numbness inside, I’ve come to the realization that I may just need to drastically remove myself from the mundane routine, and details of my Seattle existence. Tomorrow I get on a plane and fly to the City of Angeles to volunteer at a French Film Festival for the 9th time. This opportunity may come at just the right moment, and even if none of my hopes and dreams for connections, friendships or any other false notions about life Hollywood hath bestowed upon me; I’m hopeful to enjoy it.

You can’t be the dreamer forever. Sometimes you gotta grow up and take the first boat out departing Neverland for reality. I write this as Nancy Meyer’s The Holiday illuminates my bedroom as I wind the evening down. Pick your poison, I guess. And gosh, the Hans Zimmer score on this one is one of my all time favorites. For now, I’ll just breath at another beautiful sunset and give thanks for everything — even the disappointments.

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