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Apr 8, 2018 · 3 min read

1. How can I increase my Reputation Score?

1) +200 Points — If content is included in the SkyPixel Weekly Selection

2) +50 Points — If content becomes a Staff Pick

3) Content is liked by n persons: log(n,1.3) points (Note: Please consider simplifying)

5) +200 to 500 Points — Awards from monthly SkyPixel contests

6) +200 to 1000 Points — Awards from the annual SkyPixel Annual Photo and Video Contests

2. How can I obtain Badges?

Badges are marks of distinction in the SkyPixel community. Your content can earn a badge — displayed at the bottom right corner of the photo or video — if it is included in the SkyPixel Weekly Selection. In addition, winners of some larger contests can earn rare bronze, silver, and gold badges. Each badge will also come with a corresponding Reputation Score.

3. How can I upload aerial photography tips?

SkyPixel lends the community the incredible opportunity to not only share your work but your expertise as well. Our site values ideas as much as images, which is why we host user-generated aerial photography tips that all users can access. . Offering tips is also another way for you to earn a larger following.

Once you earn a Reputation Score of 500, you will be free to post your unique aerial photography tips on SkyPixel. Click ’Upload’ and then ‘Tips’ on the homepage.

If your reputation score has not yet reached 500, you can still apply to become an Aerial Photography Tips contributor. Just send your SkyPixel personal homage(is ‘homage’ correct?) link to and ask for approval. If approved, be sure to upload your first tips within the next seven days; otherwise, the function will be closed and can never be manually unlocked again in the future.

4. How can I earn more likes and exposure for my works posted on SkyPixel ?

If you keep updating your works on SkyPixel, interacting with other users actively, following photographers that you are interested with and improving your aerial photography skills, you will earn more likes and exposure.

Currently only works selected by our staff will appear on Best of SkyPixel page. So when uploading your works to SkyPxiel, it’s suggested that you tag your works and share them on social media to increase exposure.

Users with reputation score higher than 3,000 will earn the title of SkyPixel Recommended Photographer, and SkyPixel will also prioritize their works on Best of SkyPixel page or home page. To learn about other specific benefits, please refer to: Become a SkyPixel Recommended Photographer

5. How can I modify personal information?

Click the profile icon which on the upper right corner of homepage, choose “edit profile” to enter the edit page.

6. Why has my SkyPixel login/work upload failed?

Please ensure your browser is Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE10 and above, if you still can’t login to SkyPixel, please send an email with your personal home page link, error warning screenshots and other information to , we will help look into the problem and fix it.

7. Can the SkyPixel team help me change my login email address?

Sorry, we’re not able to revise your registration information.

8. How can I reset my password?

Please click “Forgot Password” on the login page, enter your email address and you will receive a verification email, follow the instructions in the email to reset your passwords.

9. Can I combine my two accounts into one?


10. Why do my works fail to pass content review?

SkyPixel system automatically reviews users’ works. If your works fail to pass the review, and you want to make an appeal or ask for manual review, please send your personal homepage link or video link to

To avoid illegal content, SkyPixel will no longer accept videos that last for more than thirty minutes.

11. How can I unsubscribe from SkyPixel emails?

If you unsubscribe from SkyPixel emails, you will not receive the latest information on SkyPixel events, services, news of SkyPixel. Click the ‘Unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe. If you want to subscribe again, please email us at

12. How can I close my account?

Your SkyPixel account is connected with your other DJI accounts. Once it’s closed, data such as credits, DJI Credits, purchase history, flight history and more stored on the DJI official website, DJI Online Store, DJI Forum and DJI GO accounts will all be deleted and cannot be restored again. Please backup all important data and email us at if you are sure you want to close your SkyPixel account.


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