Skywire Testnet Whitelisting & Installation Manuals

Greetings Skyfleet! We are happy to announce that the newest set of Skywire software images have now been uploaded to the Skywire Github. Go to the Skywire Github and scroll down to the bottom for the download links. You can also download a copy of the Skywire installation instructions here.

In order to participate in the testnet and earn rewards, you will need to complete the Skywire Testnet Whitelist & Reward Application Form, which is now available for you to submit for your Skyminer. See below for details.

Skywire Installation Guide

Our team has been hard at work creating this all-new Official Skywire Installation Guide to make the installation process easy for all. This guide includes both the Chinese and English versions on how to install the newest set of images for Skyminer, Mac OS and Linux.

Simply download the installation guide, choose your language, click on the correct device and follow the instructions carefully to install the newest Skywire software. Simple and painless!

Skywire Testnet Reward Application

The Testnet Whitelist & Reward Application Form can be found here. Please complete the entire application to the best of your ability, and double-check to ensure that you are entering all relevant information accurately.

A few friendly reminders regarding the whitelist:

  1. We will be accepting applications from 22nd of May to 31st of May 2018 and the first batch of whitelisted public keys will be released on the 1st of June 2018.
  2. The new set of images with the most recent version of Skywire have just been released along with a manual for installation. For novice users, it is recommended to reflash your Skyminers with these new images prior to submitting your Public Keys.
  3. Advanced users: updating via Git does not change public keys. However, please double check the public keys to make sure.
  4. Please submit the newest set Public Keys following a reflashing with the most recent images. Otherwise, your reward will not be counted.

You will find the application form under

For Further Assistance

For any further questions regarding Skywire in general and the testnet, please refer to the previous Skywire announcement or the Skywire Testnet FAQ.

You can also visit the Skywire Telegram channel for personal assistance.

Our helpful and enthusiastic community will gladly answer any questions you might have.

Onward and upward Skyfleet! Now, let’s build a new internet together!