The SkyCity “Find the Cats” Competition

With Skycoin and the newly released hardware wallet as prizes

Rules and Prizes

To enter the competition, you must reply to the official competition tweet with the correct answer, your favorite part of the Skycoin ecosystem and why, retweet and like.

The full-sized image is here.

20 random winners will be picked by the end of 26th of December with 50 Skycoin and a brand new hardware wallet each as the prize!


Coin Hours

The transactional currency of the Skycoin economy. One Coin Hour is generated by holding one Skycoin for one hour in your wallet. This inflationary currency is designed to have a self-limiting inflationary curve which encourages the velocity of economic activity and thus removes the “hoarding problem” seen in other fixed-supply cryptocurrencies. Coin Hours will be the backbone of economic activity for the entire Skycoin ecosystem.


The Skycoin token is the printing press of the Skycoin economy. Through shifting of all economic activity into a separate currency, Coin Hours, and a fixed supply of one hundred million coins, Skycoin is designed to have minimal velocity. In the future, proceeds generated from Skycoin hardware sales will contribute to Skycoin buy-backs. This will reduce the Skycoin circulating supply, effectively making Skycoin a deflationary currency.

Skyminer Production

Official Skyminers are already in production with many operational around the world. The Skyminers form the backbone of Skywire, a new internet, and act as a benchmark for the vibrant DIY Skyminer community around the globe. Having a constant flow of Skyminers ready for members of the community will aid in growth of the network.

Hardware Store

Skywire is an ambitious project, building a new peer-to-peer internet starting at the infrastructure level to fight against ISP monopolies and censorship around the world. Many other essential hardware components are needed to complete the system. From a secure hardware wallet to low-cost cutting-edge antennas capable of transmitting 100Mb/s with a high broadcasting range, numerous products are actively being developed specifically for a new internet.


Fiber is the infinitely-scalable and highly customizable parallel peer-chain architecture of the Skycoin platform where a network of blockchains are laid like strands side-by-side. Each project hosted on Fiber gets a fully customizable, secure, private blockchain capable of processing large quantities of transactions. Each strand added to Fiber strengthens the network and constructs the fabric of the entire ecosystem.


Obelisk alleviates the shortcomings of Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithms, and cannot be centralized by mining pools or manipulated by stakeholders, for a truly decentralized system. Obelisk distributes influence over the network via web-of-trust architecture, and consists of inter-trusting nodes to prevent bad actors and quarantine such activity. Obelisk is a scalable, computationally inexpensive, and zero waste PoW alternative with low-cost nodes that are energy efficient to operate, for global adoption of the network.

Solar panels

Skyminers were specifically designed to be extremely energy efficient, in order to be accessible no matter where you are in the world. In combination with the non-computationally-intensive consensus algorithm, Obelisk, Skyminers can be easily powered entirely by existing solar power technology. This provides another level of self-sustainability for the infrastructure of this new internet.


Antennas are essential to form a mesh network in local areas and transmit encrypted data between Skyminers. Antennae will auto-scan the surrounding areas for a line-of-sight connection at a distance of 15 to 30 kilometers and provide 100Mb/s+ speed to the Skywire network. Speed may be increased linearly via multiple antennas connected to different surrounding nodes until more advanced iterations become available.


A decentralized internet must begin with decentralization at the hardware level. The Skyminer will be the physical backbone of a new internet. A Skyminer is composed of a cluster of inexpensive single board computers (SBCs) that provide useful functions for the entire network. Each SBC in a Skyminer will act as a node for valuable functions in the new Skywire internet, or as a node for the Fiber ecosystem. Skyminers will provide direct peer-to-peer connectivity through an antenna (when available) and connection with others in the Skywire community.


CX is the general purpose programming language for Skywire. CX enables an easy-to-learn simple language for creating games and other tools on the platform. CX uses functions like affordances to enable a more secure backbone for the Skywire community. The use of CX as a fully programmable language will negate the need for smart contracts and house more advanced methods of conducting transactions on the blockchain


CXO is Skycoin’s storage solution, enabling the decentralization and securitization of storage over the Skywire network. CXO will increase general content availability while allowing data to be replicated peer-to-peer. Data in CXO will utilize advanced methods for routing in order to be the logical replacement for legacy systems.


Skywire is the foundation of a new peer-to-peer internet, providing distributed bandwidth, storage and computation. Skywire uses the most advanced multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) techniques to create a full mesh network topology with many redundant pathways between any two nodes. This software-defined networking will automatically forward data via the most optimal path, ensuring a high-speed and uncensorable internet without the need for intermediaries.