The Matrice 600 stands in a class of its own. Clocking in at slightly over 20 pounds, this beast can carry still another 20 pounds of payload.

At over 5 feet wide with its six rotors and props unfurled, it’s not an aircraft to be taken lightly. Not only does it feature six motors, it packs six batteries as well, meaning any two batteries or motors can fail — provided they’re not next to one another — and the aircraft will still fly.

This behemoth supports the X3, X5, Z3 and XT (FLIR) cameras, as well as the Z30 (30x optical zoom).

Add in the Ronin MX camera gimbal to attach 20 pounds of anything you can think of and you’ve got a nice little (or huge) setup.

This aircraft may not be the most practical for dragging around — the case is big enough to be a coffee table — but it is the right tool for the job when you need a heavy lifter.

Bring a chainsaw to the front lines, drop of North American Rescues triage kit, or even carry a bulky RAE Systems HAZMAT detector, and use the available power points and Lightbridge 2 video downlinks to customize the system for your needs.

Even better, DJI now makes a channel expansion kit to allow you to control even more custom designed function on this amazing marvel of technology.

The drone itself retails for just under $5,000, and payloads range from $499 to $14,999 depending on what you select.