How to stop giving a fuck

If it makes you happy…do it!

When I say “ Do whatever you want” I really mean, “Do whatever the Fuck you want!” Not in an ‘I’m going to hurt someone’ or ‘humiliate someone’ or break their hearts kind of situation, no nothing like that. I mean if it makes you happy, Truly Happy to travel, paint, teach or even write… do it! If you ignore it long enough it will call you to it. Whatever you should be doing you will make it’s way to you, always. If your true happiness looks like sheet music or a mechanic shop, a computer screen or a natural vista go for it! If your calling is to be a Nurse because you love helping people or a Pilot because walking just isn’t your deal and you love the sky it will present itself in your life somehow. Our job is to not ignore the call forever. If it makes you happy…do it, no one has THE rules, especially not YOURS.

REALIZE…..No one has THE rules

No one has THE rules for your life, not a single person. Only the GOD you believe in knows what lies ahead for you. There is no book or blueprint lying somewhere or bound with your name on it. So, stop looking. What works for you may not work for someone else. That applies EVERYWHERE. If it works for you…If you want to only save money when you do your taxes, fine! It’s your money, just know it’ll be hard to reach your financial goals like that. So you adjust. Adjust because it works for you, not because you are looking at someone else’s life & decide it “looks about right.” So don’t let anyone tell you who you are or what works best for you or even that you fit in one of “their” bubbles. Because you don’t. Learn to be ok with that.

“Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Everything is, everything exists, only because I love. Everything is united by it alone.”
Leo Tolstoy

LOVE will set you FREE

Love isn’t enslavement. Don’t allow your loved ones to be your proverbial chain. Allow them to surprise you and rise to the occassion of loving you on another level. Fear, that the love you feel is conditional is not real.The real truth is that your loved ones WILL love you reguardless of what you do. If you lose your job, your car gets repossessed, your home in forclosure. The right people will love you and realize those are material possessions that can ALWAYS be reacquired. No, uncomfortable situations like that aren’t optimal but sometimes happen. Free yourself of the negative thoughts and feelings associated with what you can’t do. The people in your life who are worthy of your love will always supply theirs.

So off you go to stop giving a fuck. Remember, if it make you happy, do it because no one has the rules and let love set you free.