Shop with Apple Watch

“Manage you shopping list using your Apple Watch”

With the introduction of Apple Watch, and the possibility to build apps, lots of new ideas are available for quick and easy use by the consumer. One of the ideas is connecting the Watch with the consumer shopping experience and MobiCommerce e-commerce system.

Key in this is bringing value to the Watch and not trying to fit a whole application. For this the watch screen is to small and it has no extra value compared to a phone app. Key is to bring additional functionalities to the app extending the normal app. Important factors:

  • Ease of use, due to the limited interface
  • Quick access and speed of operation. One or two click need to be enough to handle the operation.

Basket concept

First concept is use of the Watch in combination with the MobiCommerce grocery pickup solution.

Concept: Quick edit you shopping-basket
The customer creates his shopping basket using the website or (tablet) app. On his way home, he remembers he needs not one but two bottles of coke. He opens the Watch app, swipes through the basket and finds the Coca-cola in his basket, simply press the plus sign and the order is altered. This can be easily done, without picking up the phone and in a few clicks.

Another case can be adding groceries to the basket, by making use of the Watch app in combination with NFC technology. Adding or removing products can be done through te same interface.

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Concept by Gostar den Daas, Mobiquity (c) 2014

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