About Me

Hello, everyone. My name is Skyler Dixon, and I am a junior at Lyndon State College. I am currently working towards my degree program of Electronic Journalism Arts. I know well that in the world of journalism, social media is heavily used and sometimes required on. It gives not only important news stations the ability to quickly give information about events that happen, but also normal citizens. In terms of myself, I have both a Twitter and Facebook account. On both accounts I follow important news sources both regionally and nationally.

One point that I would largely like to work on is my utilization of more social media platforms. I don’t go to Instagram, Youtube, or Snapchat for any of my news, so I am largely interested in how they can be properly and efficiently be used. Something that I could potentially teach is how the prominence of smart phones and social media can result in a wave of “citizen journalists”, who are at a scene of importance before news stations.

I hope this class teaches me more about the connection between social media in journalism and improves my knowledge on how each individual social media platform plays its own role in informing the public.