An Analysis of a Reporter and Facebook

Facebook is a good method in which a reporter can gain and connect with their followers. If it is used right, that is. I will be doing an analysis of a reporter’s Facebook page to determine whether they are handling their social media accounts properly.

For this example, I will be choosing WMUR’s Ray Brewer. I actually had to use a graph search to find anyone that works at the station because the main Facebook page doesn’t tag their reporters. Maybe they should do that.

Decent start so far. Nice profile picture and cover photo.

Let’s take a look at some of his more recent posts.

The video itself appears to be a group of wild turkeys that Brewer came across. This isn’t relevant to his career, but look at the feedback! 130 likes and nearly 30 comments! That is how you interact with your followers right there. It’s important to post about your reporting for sure, but its videos like this that really add personality to a page.

Let’s see what we can see further down…

Another post, but this time more relevant. The video is simple, again with no commentary, showing several cars off the road during dangerous conditions. Notice how this video has more shares than the turkey story, as it’s more informative and warns the public of the weather conditions. Also see the comments; people are able to give their input. In journalism, giving the public the ability to voice their thoughts is very important.

One more post, perhaps?

Excuse me?

This gives off all sorts of red flags. First things first, this is obviously spam. Some random person tagged Brewer in this post in order to try and get more people. Second, and this is pretty big, why on Earth is this still on Brewers page? It would take only a second to delete it or remove his tag from the post, but he completely ignores it! Finally, allow me to conclude by saying that no recent posts were relevant to any stories Brewer covered.

So close, WMUR! You were this close to having a good social media page!

I hope this is a good example on how to utilize Facebook. Do what Brewer does, and use pictures and video to create conversation among your followers, but check back on your page now and then. Being tagged in a spam post like the one above and either willingly or unwillingly not removing it can be dangerous to what people think of you.