Free Offer for Early-Stage Hardware Startups

Meet Tailored Customer “Focus Groups” for Sales or Feedback

Skypad, an experiment in retail for new hardware / VR / IoT tech (collectively hardware), is offering to organize “focus groups” for hardware startups for free.

Whether it’s through meetups, pop-up shops, or office visits, Skypad will bring a set number of your target customers to physically interact with and buy your product.

How This Works:

  • tell us if you want to focus on feedback or sales
  • tell us your customer profile(s)
  • we determine the best method (meetup, pop-up shop, etc.) and hunt down your target customers
  • we coordinate with your team to make this happen in the least invasive way, either for sales or feedback

Benefits / Possible Use-Cases:

  • getting feedback on pricing
  • getting general product feedback (customer development)
  • selling units or taking pre-orders (initial sales)
  • starting customer relationships

To Start:

Email Ali ( with some info about your product and your availability for a short phone call.

Ali is a mechanical engineer and 2x startup founder who excels at business development for highly technical products. His LinkedIn.


Skypad is offering this in preparation for a larger expo in Fall 2015. Great research for us, great insights for your startup, and putting the latest tech in the hands of as many people as possible, especially non-techies — great for the community.

To find out more about Skypad in general, email Ali.