YMCA of The Triangle and Front Runner Video: Two Birds Ones Drone

The YMCA of the Triangle needed a fun and exciting way to announce the arrival of the newest member of the YMCA community” the YMCA Red Rover. The Red Rover is a mobile wellness and fitness studio that offers a variety of fitness classes throughout Pittsboro and Chatham County. Think food trucks but rather than delicious eats, the truck is equipped with yoga mats, TRX bands, and free weights making exercising easier and more accessible than ever before. The challenge was coming up with something that was not only engaging and informative but would evoke excitement and move people to act.

YMCA Participants in action outside Red Rover
“Recognizing the swift new trend toward including aerial cinematography…Front Runner enlisted Skyport Drones to provide eye catching aerial imagery.”

Front Runner Productions

Enter Front Runner Productions, a video production company specializing in promotional and corporate videos, documentaries, and conferences. Recognizing the swift new trend toward including aerial cinematography and wanting to provide their client with the highest quality end product, Front Runner enlisted Skyport Drones to provide eye catching aerial imagery.

For the shoot we ventured just outside downtown Durham with YMCA class instructors and of course Red Rover, to capture the mobile wellness studio in action. The result, an energetic formal introduction to YMCA’s newest member Red Rover and a promotional video the YMCA can feel proud to show off.

Take a look at the finished product below, and if you’re in either Pittsboro or Chatham County be sure to be looking out for the YMCA Red Rover rolling into your neighborhood very soon.

The YMCA Red Rover Rolling Into Your Neighborhood

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