3 data-led growth hacks that got our App ready for take off

Applying scientific principles to sustainable App Growth

Applying scientific principles to sustainable App Growth

By Ilana Munckton

This is part two in a series of posts about applying science and data to drive sustainable paid growth at Skyscanner.

In part one, I shared insights from a presentation I delivered at the International Growth Marketing Summit. I talked about our holistic approach to acquisition in the search engines, and how a data-driven approach to testing maximises our traffic and revenue.

In part two of this series, I explain how we apply these principles to experiment our way to sustainable App growth. Our Growth teams put our App first when it comes to driving growth, in turn maximising the retention of loyal travellers to our product. And through our partnership with AppsFlyer, we leverage data on the critical in-app activation events that drive value for travellers — and for Skyscanner. Check out the slides below to learn about three data-led growth hacks for app growth, including:

  1. How to optimise your network buys for quality (yes, you can spot the valuable sources of install from a blind network!)
  2. Iterating on creative through A/B testing
  3. Understanding how Operating System impacts the value of your paid installs

This presentation was originally given at the dmexco Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference in Cologne, Germany. In it I share why an ‘App First’ mentality is so important, and how Skyscanner’s Paid Growth squad apply data-led testing to mobile marketing in our quest for sustainable growth.

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About the author

Hi, my name is Ilana Munckton and I’m a Director of Growth here at Skyscanner. I lead a global team of growth marketing specialists in my role as Product Owner for Paid Growth, with responsibility for paid acquisition in over 35 markets worldwide.

I have more than ten years of experience in online advertising and growth marketing. Before joining Skyscanner, I helped clients create award-winning digital media strategies with agencies in New York, London and Edinburgh.

Ilana Munckton, Skyscanner