Abandoning conventional wisdom

A presentation on our journey to a Growth model here at Skyscanner

By Janet Balneaves

Skyscanner reached a point in late 2014 when, despite having a healthy number of very talented marketing experts, we just weren’t achieving the growth rates we knew our product was capable of.

When considering why that might be, we realised we had a fantastic product that our loyal users loved, but that we had become trapped in applying the conventional old school marketing wisdom that have worked for many years in traditional organisations, whilst the marketing and engineering landscape had completely changed. We didn’t have a growth mindset or organisational model befitting of an Internet Company operating in the online travel space. So we set about changing that.

“What worked for us yesterday, is painful for today, will be broken tomorrow.” Richard Lennox, Skyscanner

I originally gave this presentation at the Growth Hacking World Forum conference and it takes you through life before and after our transformation to a Growth-based organisation in Skyscanner.

The content combines much of what has been published on the Skyscanner Growth blog right here on medium.com/@skyscanner.

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About the Author

My name is Janet Balneaves and I am currently the Product Owner for the Travel Content Platform squad in our Central Growth Tribe in Skyscanner. In my 3 years at Skyscanner I have had the opportunity to work in a very wide variety of areas from engineering to most recently joining Growth to be part of our amazing transformation into Growth Tribes from a more traditional marketing function.

My own skills and expertise have grown and evolved massively as part of this journey. Skyscanner has a value “Master, Teach, Learn” which shows the commitment Skyscanner has to learning. As Skyscanner grows it is constantly evolving there are always a vast range of new and interesting problems to be solved thus more new skills to be honed and developed. I am looking forward to continuing on my Skyscanner journey, who knows where it will take me next.