Execute your very own Lean Content Experiment

A template, tools and readings to get you started

By Lisa Venter

Content Marketing Experimentation

Here at Skyscanner we’re big fans of putting data where our mouth is from the forefront of every small idea or campaign.

Our very own Colin McFarland makes a case for experimentation saying,

“If you’re Picasso don’t A/B test, but for the rest of us it’s humbling to evaluate our ideas…”

However external to Skyscanner, we realise that not all organisations and SMEs have the resource to develop their own custom methods for Lean Marketing experimentation. We don’t do rocket science here at Skyscanner but we do keep things simple, as long as ideas are aligned to our goals and backed up with data. We have a few resources we can share to help you get started with your own journey into content experimentation

Experiment template

The best way to start is small and fast. Here is a template of some the things we define at the beginning of a content experiment and how we set ourselves up for learning and not for success or failure; i.e. we embrace it all but ensure we keep ourselves straight with a clearly defined set of metrics from the get-go.

This is a great way to get buy in from your colleagues or prove a concept (even if it is just to yourself) using the most convincing of things, data. The next time you have a great idea, vet it using something like this to ask yourself the right questions.

  1. What’s the idea? 
    Provide a summary of the idea along with any backup you have as to why you believe it will drive growth.
  2. Prioritisation 
    There’s many ways of prioritising ideas to help you decide what to do first, at Skyscanner we like using the ice score.
  3. Hypothesis 
    Based on [insights or data we have to back up our idea], we predict that [what we are going to do] will cause [impact we expect]
  4. Test Methodology 
    How are you going to validate your idea before launching at scale?
  5. Metrics & Benchmarks 
    What metrics will define success, what’s your benchmark? Take a look at Pirate Metrics if you’re stuck on where to get started with measurement.
  6. Results & Learnings 
    Once you’ve run your activity, capture your results and summarise and share learnings.


Tools for Lean Marketing

Try Trello for content marketing ideation before taking more defined ideas from there to somewhere like Jira to create, track and scale your experiments.

Create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of your content to quickly test your idea using tools that allow you to build Lean removing the need to wait weeks/months/eternity for engineering resource to say design an on-page content tool or a designer to help format a set of tables.

Here are some ideas of content marketing tools I gave in Hacking your Content Process with a Growth Mind-set:

  • Create an infographic using Piktochart
  • Add visual interest with graphics created in Canva
  • Produce product demos using free tools like Camtasia and Jing
  • Quickly output animated videos using tools like Biteable to convey more data driven content that doesn’t always translate well to text formats

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Read, learn, grow

We have some other guides and case-studies that could help bolster your learning and development when it comes to growing into an experimental content marketer.

About the Author

Hello! I’m a Content Strategist here at Skyscanner and sit in our Central Growth Tribe. Skyscanner embodies everything that I want from a company. It encourages big thinking and the only limit of any idea is the validation behind your hypothesis! It’s always changing and ever growing and that’s what I love about it — you never know where you’ll be a week, a month or a year from now.

Lisa Venter, Skyscanner

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