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Starting out as a Graduate in Skyscanner Growth

By Molly Dobson

Starting out as a Growth Graduate Skyscanner Growth

I started as a graduate Growth Hacker at Skyscanner back in January and, as I’m coming to the end of my first 6-month rotation, I wanted to write about how the experience has been so far.

For the last 6 months, I have been working in the Partner Growth Squad which, among other things, aims to grow Skyscanner’s B2B presence in the travel industry. Coming into the job I had no experience of B2B marketing (if I’m completely honest, I didn’t really understand what it was until a few weeks in) and I knew very little about the travel industry; suffice to say, the whole thing was a bit daunting.

On my first day in the squad I was asked if I could take on the task of improving SEO for our partners site. It was agreed that this needed doing as part of our 6-month goal setting, and as I had some experience in SEO, I was trusted to take it on. While I was hugely excited and proud to have something that was ‘mine’ to look after for the first time, I was also nervous about the responsibility. I thought I would be expected to deliver results immediately, and was anxious that my slight experience wouldn’t get me very far; “I don’t know what I’m doing!” was a regular thought for me in my first few weeks, along with “surely I’m not qualified for this?” and “I am not ready to for responsibility!”.

What I wasn’t counting on, however, is the incredible learning culture at Skyscanner. Despite my fears, I wasn’t expected to know everything in my first week, or even month, as long as I was asking questions and making an effort to understand. This seems painfully obvious when I write it down, but when you’re trying desperately to impress people in the first few months of a new job, it can be hard to keep in mind. My team were incredibly helpful and took time to answer my many questions, and explain things to me. As well as that, dozens of training tools and resources made it easy for me to upskill in previously uncharted areas, from skills that I now use day-to-day such as data analysis and SEO, to more specialist areas of knowledge like the Theory of Constraints.

Pictured: The Skyscanner Central Growth Tribe members based in our Edinburgh office

This learning atmosphere made it possible for me to relax a bit, take my time to brush up on some SEO basics, and then throw myself head first into optimising the partners site. Over the last 6 months, I’ve read anything about SEO that I can get my hands on, I’ve asked for help from Skyscanner’s SEO experts when I’ve needed it, and I’ve learned a fair amount through trial and error. I’ve also learned a lot more about B2B marketing in general, which has helped me form a better idea of who our B2B partners are, and what they’re looking for from the site.

All of this has resulted in a few things: firstly, I now know a lot more about how to optimise web pages for search engines (though I’ll be the first to admit that I still have a long way to go). Secondly, the partners site is now ranking a lot better across a range of keywords, and organic growth for the site is at an all-time high! Finally, and best of all, I’ve gained a lot more confidence in my abilities, and am working on honing my SEO instincts.

All in all, my time on the Partner Growth Squad has been brilliant; while it was scary to start with, that feeling has been a real motivator. I’ve learned a lot, gained some good experience, and now it’s on to the next adventure!

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Hello! My name’s Molly and I’m a Junior Growth Executive at Skyscanner. I am really loving my time on the grad programme — it’s a fast paced work environment, so there’s always new challenges and new things to learn! In my free time I love curling up with a good book, and am slowly ticking places off of my Travel Bucket List.

Molly Dobson, Skyscanner