Think Like a Scientist –Act like a Growth Hacker

How to experiment your way to sustainable app growth

A presented at appnext and the Israel Travel Tech Startup’s recent meetup

By Paul Teresi

I’ll come right out and say it — Skyscanner is unique. What works for us might not work for you, but that doesn’t mean that what we do can’t be extrapolated into your day-to-day.

In the changing world of mobile app promotion, nothing is constant. With new technology, formats and partners coming into play everyday — it’s important to embrace our unique traits and leverage those to make gains today. At Skyscanner, we are doing this through our fundamental switch to adopting scientific experimentation into our day-to-day marketing strategies.

I have collated my thoughts into a presentation and I am about to present this, or will have by the time you read this, at appnext and the Israel Travel Tech Startup’s recent meetup — “Your First-Class Ticket to App Growth” in Tel Aviv on November 15th.

This orginal post was created to feature This slideshow which was part of my presentation at the App Promotion Summit in London on July 5th, 2017. It shows you how you can maneuver around “the noise” we face as marketers and finds way to apply scientific hacks to work your way towards sustainable app growth.

I’m all about sharing credit where credit is due, so shout out to my wonderful colleagues at Skyscanner who have provided content on our Growth blog that has helped me derive this content for you. Take a look at all the posts Skyscanner Growth has to offer on Medium.

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About the author

Hey there, thanks for checking out my post! My name is Paul Teresi and I am Growth Executive at Skyscanner working in our Paid Growth team. Working at Skyscanner has opened my eyes to how connected the world can be and the role we hold in the marketing realm as growth marketers.

Paul Teresi, Skyscanner