In September 2019, Skyscanner refreshed its brand, the result of a huge company-wide effort; in this post Andrea Sipos tells the story of the refresh — and talks about the lessons she learnt along the way

A climber in Pontresina, Switzerland, relies on the gear in his backpack to make it to the top of an alpine peak; Skyscanner relied on its Backpack design system to implement its ambitious brand refresh

Skyscanner’s Eileen Rogers knows a thing or two about sales; from her job as a human pop-up banner to guiding a top tennis coach through a modern art purchase, she’s bringing everything she’s learnt to her role as the design lead for Skyscanner’s Modern Advertising Tribe. Read on to find out about her journey — and her vision for genuinely traveller-centric ads.

Real life banner ads jostle for attention and somewhat overwhelm the viewer on the streets of Shinjuku, in Tokyo, Japan

Basically a human pop-up banner

People are always asking Skyscanner Principal Product Manager Vicki Fraser to describe the mechanics of her job; in this piece she describes how it actually feels to be a PM at the company behind the world’s travel search engine

Vicki is based at Skyscanner’s Edinburgh office

In the beginning Skyscanner was operating out of a cramped Edinburgh townhouse — today the company has eleven global offices. In this piece Skyscanner SVP of Growth Shane Corstorphine reflects on the truism that if people are what they eat, companies are where they work — and gives his advice on a critical challenge for fast-growing businesses: plotting the perfect premises.

Travel stickers adorn a giant suitcase in Skyscanner’s Edinburgh office

When Skyscanner principal product manager Vicki Fraser stepped out of her comfort zone to help judge the AccelerateHER 2019 Awards what she experienced left her inspired — and moved

The 8 AccelerateHER finalists with Investing Women CEO Jackie Wearing

Having offices around the globe looks and sounds good — but is it worth it? And how should you approach setting up international offices when you do actually need them? Shane Corstorphine has ‘been there, done that’ with Skyscanner; here he shares his thoughts on realising those international ambitions…

Where will your international ambitions take you? Pictured: a signpost to stir the imagination found on New Zealand’s South Island.

If you’re near the beginning of your startup journey, you shouldn’t be dreaming about achieving scale — you should be preparing for it. Shane Corstorphine was front and centre during Skyscanner’s rapid scale-up; here he talks about the importance of making ‘scale-readiness’ part of your business’s DNA

Achieving massive scale: the recently unveiled Statue of Unity in Gujarat, India

If you’re thinking of founding a startup, fundraising is likely to be very near the top of your to-do list. Shane Corstorphine was instrumental in Skyscanner’s critical fundraising rounds; here he shares his guide to getting raising right

A humble startup (with grand ambitions?) in Ciudad Vieja, Uruguay

The story of a bold new initiative at Skyscanner continues…

Rebecca Moore on hacking your way through the inflection points holding your business back in 2019

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