3 (+1) Questions for impactful Sprint Goals!

Cristiano Balducci is one of our squad leaders. A problem-solver at heart, Cristiano shares valuable insights on how you can identify issues and achieve your goals as a team. Read this short blog to discover his top tips on how to achieve some of the most impressive sprint goals. If you want to find out about how we troubleshooting our process and what we have learnt doing this click ​here​.

How do we choose impactful sprint goals?

Here at Skyscanner we are arranged into squads and tribes; I’m a squad lead, and my squad — like many of the other engineering squads at the company — uses an ‘agile’ methodology called ‘Scrum’ for the purposes of effective software development. One of the characteristics of the Scrum process is that clearly defined goals are completed in clearly defined time periods called ‘sprints’.

  • A straight connection with the business outcome.
  • Define “Done”.

Focus on the single most valuable thing.

A good starting point is this question: “What is the single most valuable thing we can work on in this upcoming sprint?”. Let’s analyse it!

A straight connection with the business outcome.

Software development is an environment with an high rate of change, doubly so in Skyscanner! Successful delivery of the business outcome is more complex than achieving the current sprint goal.

  • Does this answer any of our known unknowns?
  • Does this remove a blocker for another squad waiting on us?

Define “done”.

Dependability means doing what we say we’ll do, week in week out. This requires that we have a definition of “done” for our Sprint Goals.

Bonus: DDS (Demo Driven Sprint).

We can push this concept a bit further taking inspiration from Test Driven Development (TDD).


So here it is, a simple framework to define impactful Sprint Goals!

  • How does it relate to our overarching goal?
  • How can we demo it?
  • BONUS — What work do we need to do in order to demo it?

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