From grad to VP: my journey to leading Skyscanner’s engineering teams globally

Andrew Phillips, VP of Engineering

Andrew, you were probably Skyscanner’s OG grad, back in 2009. How did that happen?

Ok, so you join the company in an entry-level role in 2009, and by 2021 you’re leading an engineering org of over 600. What was your journey between those two points?

Your career growth has been as accelerated as Skyscanner’s own growth. What’s the secret?

You had quite a big revelation when you made the jump into being an Engineering Manager too didn’t you? Tell us about that.

Related, professional growth is such a big component of our Engineering culture. How do you contribute to it?

Lastly, a quick fire round….

….What’s special about Skyscanner’s culture?

…Favourite read for someone looking to grow in an Engineering org?

…Favourite benefit?



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