Introducing LambdaGuard — a security scanner for AWS Lambda

We’ve built a tool which allows you to visualise and audit the security of your serverless assets — and now we’re open-sourcing it, too

Love security? Padlocks locking down relationships on the Pont Des Arts in Paris, France


Versions and aliases

Versioning in Lambdas


Lambda layers

Resource-based policy

Resource based policy example

Execution Role policy

Execution role policy

Serverless services — examples

AWS’ Shared Responsibility Model



Common pitfalls

Unrestricted Actions

Unrestricted Principal

Undefined Condition

Other Pitfalls

Serverless vulnerabilities — some examples

Public S3 buckets

Public SQS queues

Public API Gateway

LambdaGuard: AWS serverless security



Findings stats
Description of findings


Statistics dashboard
List of findings
Detailed description of findings

Discussion and conclusion

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