My first 100 days at Skyscanner

  • Led two security awareness sessions live (Lunch and Learn for the company and a Tribe specific session)
  • Attended three internal Learning & Leadership workshops (Being anti-racist at Skyscanner, Stakeholder Management, Presenting and Speaking with Confidence)
  • Met over 100 people in the company (mostly remotely)
  • Led multiple third-party security assessments
  • Provided recommendations in early stage design and project conversations to establish security requirements with cross-functional teams
  • Joined an external Accessibility conference that I learned about from our Accessibility Guild
  • Snagged some sweet swag in the form of Pride masks and Skyscanner stickers
  • Joined Slack channels with like-minded colleagues (accessibility, pride, diversity, equity, inclusion)
  • My hiring process was amazingly stress free and efficient. As I require a visa to work in the UK, switching jobs involves more hoops but our Talent team know what they are doing. A (typically) anxiety inducing process was very well taken care of
  • Trust, an enabler for success. Two days into the job, someone pinged me on Slack and asked for my advice on a security question. Every strand of imposter syndrome in me thought, “you’re asking me? The two-day old newbie?” I was able to provide a recommendation with my own expertise, while backing up my unfamiliarity around company context with my team’s support. A great confidence boost
  • Asking for help is a slack message or email away
  • Time zones and geographically scattered colleagues are the reality of a global company. Arranging meetings and getting to know people virtually made me wonder if I was bothering others
  • Being a new joiner in a remote and hybrid working can be exhausting. As an introvert I do enjoy my space at home, but “Zoom fatigue” is real
  1. The role was exactly what I was expecting and aligned to the job description

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We are the engineers at Skyscanner, the company changing how the world travels. Visit to see how we walk the talk!

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Skyscanner Engineering

Skyscanner Engineering

We are the engineers at Skyscanner, the company changing how the world travels. Visit to see how we walk the talk!

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