People are way more interesting than computers: making the leap to an Engineering Team Manager (and battling imposter syndrome along the way)

  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Teaching and mentoring others
  • Scoping work for their team or removing blockers
  • Aligning with other squads
  • Improving the way the team operates
  • Build your network, and lean on it. We have excellent manager communities at Skyscanner, so people often share problems they’ve been having, and get advice from other managers who might have dealt with similar issues. It’s a brilliant way to grow and learn — as an engineer and an engineering manager
  • Decide from the outset how hands-on you want to be. Don’t go into a manager role thinking you’ll have to put the technical stuff you love behind you — far from it. Figure out the balance that makes sense for you, and don’t let that fear hold you back
  • Give honest feedback to others and seek it out for yourself — it’ll grow your confidence if you’re not second-guessing what others think of you, and it’ll help other people grow themselves. You’ll find you increase trust with peers and improve work relationships generally too



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