The Rock Test 2.0

Recently I read a blog post explaining a simple recipe for treating women with respect. When I first read the title, I thought I knew what it was going to say but then I was shocked to find something not quite what I was expecting.

The Rock Test 1.0

The recipe offered in the post is this: if you’re interacting with a woman, mainly in professional setting, picture she’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and treat her accordingly. I read few of the comments and I think some of them hit the nail on the head. Namely, as Marcin T. wrote: “ Can I pat him on the back? Talk some dirty dick jokes? Walk naked in the morning around him after all-night drinking? Because I would if it’s The Rock.” It is an exaggeration, but it makes the point.

Saying that we need to picture women as men to treat them correctly is just wrong and demeaning. Women deserve respect as such and so another approach must be offered to learn how to respect them as such.

Going from 1.0 to 2.0

I offer an improvement on The Rock Test: Treat a woman as if she were his daughter. That’s it. You will treat her with respect to avoid getting beaten by The Rock, for example. Nothing complicated. I didn’t discover America here, it’s an old concept, except for The Rock thing, that works. It doesn’t take her dignity as a woman away and puts a bit more accountability in the equation.

Ms. Clark offers 3 scenarios in the post, and I will briefly go over the first. Getting coffee for professional advice? Give her professional advice. Do you like her? Well, do you think she would be happy or sad when telling her dad that you hit on her during professional meeting? I think it’s not a simple yes or no question and depends on how and when you do it.

Picturing her dad being The Rock helps doing all of it with respect, and that’s the point.

Gn 1, 27
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