Introducing org-wide app deployment, a simpler, more efficient way for Enterprise Grid customers to distribute your app across workspaces.

Illustration and design by Viet Huynh

Introduce more organizations to your integration by making it compatible with Slack Connect

Illustration and design by Robert Samuel Hanson.

Now available in developer open beta

Illustration and design by Casey Labatt Simon.

The basics of Workflow Builder

Improvements that make working in Slack — and using apps — easier for everyone

Illustration and design by Casey Labatt-Simon.

A custom app success story

Illustration and design by Peter Ryan.

Our Midas Touch dream

New interactive elements and surfaces for your Slack app

Create a persistent place for app users

Submit your app’s security and compliance information to the App Directory

Illustration and design by Kelsey Wroten.

Granular permissions now available for Slack apps

Illustration and design by Casey Labatt-Simon.

Reducing scopes

Upgrade by March 4, 2020

Illustration and design by Pete Ryan.


What is TLS?

Slack API

Tips to integrate with Slack APIs to make your work life simpler, more pleasant and more productive — whether for your internal team or millions of Slack users.

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