Maybe like you, I started a response but realized it would be too confrontational to go anywhere…
John Hopkins

I agree with you. It is appalling how much the US spends on its military. And you’re absolutely correct that many of the “wars” we have waged throughout the world have been imperialistic and wrong. I will say that I believe in the purposes of NATO because allies should be there to support each other in times of crisis. I believe that democratic nations must stand against leaders (like Hitler) with designs on invading other nations. Why we didn’t keep Russia out of Ukraine is maybe puzzling although my guess is that it has to do with Russia having nukes?

Fear of “the other” is what keeps the status quo and keeps certain types of people in power. (Primarily white Christian men — for some reason they seem to be the most interested in military might). As long as enough people in the US believe we have something to fear from other countries (because, after all, we keep telling ourselves that we’re the greatest nation on earth) we will continue to overspend on our military, further enriching dive of the wealthiest families on earth and keeping millions of people in poverty.

And thanks for correcting me on Bill Gates. It was late and I didn’t do my research before writing that! There are some “self-made” people in this world. But way more wealthy people were born into sufficient money so that they had a leg up in making more money.

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